what we offer

Imagine you always wanted to spend some days in Italy but you never did it.Well, now you are retired and you could do it but you think you are no more able to deal with the challenge. Why you don`t just call us!!?? We could send you a private jet next door and bring you and your party to anywhere you decide to go. We could than pick you up at the plane and drive you directly to one first class hotel, where check-in already took place and the bottle of champagne has been opened while you came in. After a short rest you could visit the best location in the city and enjoy dinner without careing about translation or the way home. We could do it for you. Next day you could visit anything you whish then we would back you up. How about a concert in the Scala of Milan at night? And whenever you decide, you could fly back home.At any time and with the same private jet, of course.